You may be standing on the cusp of a change, wanting some aspect of your personal or professional life to be different and not quite sure how to proceed. It is at moments like these that my guidance can play an important part. I have a way of working that assists you to reveal how these contemporary obstacles are echoes of your trans-generational past. You may in fact find that the aspects you want to change are really secret systemic loyalties to other’s failure, ill-health or relationship difficulties. Once you realise that you are repeating a family pattern and that replication doesn’t heal but merely repeats, a new possibility opens. I will accompany you through a series of steps so that a fresh trajectory suddenly becomes possible.

Nicola Dunn is an experienced systemic psychotherapist and coach and has worked with clients for over 25 years. She specializes in Constellations Therapy & Coaching working with clients on their personal & business: relationships, health and creativity.  She has a private practice in London and in addition consults, supervises and teaches constellations.

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One-to-One Sessions

at Violet Hill Studios NW8 and Triyoga Camden NW1
email Nicola: ndunn834@btinternet.com

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Sunday Times Style Magazine

Clare Strunck reveals what’s trending in the wellness world

‘New to the popular yoga and Pilates hub Triyoga, constellation therapy is a fresh way to understand issues that might be holding us back… ‘Often people are surprised by their relief in finally changing a dynamic after it has been keeping them back for so long’ she says. Dunn can work on a range of issues but her real expertise is family – for healthy, recalibrated relationships, she’s an alternative option to ‘regular’ therapy’.

ES Magazine: London Evening Standard

Well, well, well: Your guide to wellness in 2019: Meet the mind healers

‘Describe your issues to psychotherapist Nicola Dunn and she will lay models of your family members on a kind of game board. As you talk the patterns are oddly revealing and the next steps become clear’

Psychologies Magazine

Pieces of Me: Finding Self Retreat at 42 Acres: Tony Riddle, Alan Dolan, Nicola Dunn and Carly Grace

Psychologies’ Health + Wellness Director, Eminé Rushton, is blown away; deconstructed – and put back together again at the first emotional, empowering Finding Self Retreat at 42 Acres

‘Somehow, over the course of the next few weeks, I transform. It is slow going, but the dedication you give to the retreat stays with you’.